Kid Fury: Life Is Better… w/ Vanessa Dawn

Mainstage Theatre, 216 Union Street, Seattle

Kid Fury hates writing about himself, but he didn't have the time or patience to find a capable writer for this. So he's gonna kick this shit in third-person hoping it sounds like someone else is doing it. This brooding and maladjusted little weirdo grew up in South Miami, Florida with dreams of one day becoming the rapper Trina. Those dreams were later shattered by the harsh reality that he couldn't afford it. So he shifted over to comedy instead.

In 2006, he created a pop culture blog named The Fury - a place for laughs, shade and Beyoncé celebrations. About three years later, Kid Fury grew into his large head a bit and felt it was time to bring his antics to Youtube. Things went well, with the video channel housing popular clips like Fuck Candy Crush and Shit Black Gays Say, plus mini-shows like The Green Experiment and NEON. The Fury TV currently has over 120,000 subscribers. Fast forward to 2012, Kid Fury packed up his life in the warm, tropical embrace of Dade County and moved to the loud, oppressive grip of New York City. Within a few months, he met Chris Morrow who was in the early stages of creating a podcasting network called Loud Speakers. Fury then brought his friend, Crissle, into the mix and they started a comedy show called The Read. The podcast now averages over 350,000 plays a week and has held live shows in cities like New York, LA, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto, London and many more.

Kid Fury has appeared on MTV2, Bravo, BET, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Power 105's The Breakfast Club, HRDCVR, VIBE, NBC News, Business Insider and more.

These days Fury is focused on shaping up his career in comedy with stand-up, live podcast shows, an HBO pilot and much more in the works. He hopes to earn enough money one day to finally become Trina.

$40 Reserved // $50 Premium Seating